A City for All

A city no one is deported of, in which everyone can move freely and without fear. A city where no one is asked for papers or status, a city where no one is illegal. These are the demands and visions of a Solidarity City. In such a city, everyone shall have the right live and work. Everyone shall have access to education and health care. Everyone shall be able to participate activly in the cultural and political city life – no matter what “legal” and financial status they have, no matter what race, gender, sexuality, religion…
In many cities and towns all over the world, the process of becoming such a city already started …

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Health for All?

As the Solidarity City Cologne network we draw attention to the unequal access to health care and the social conditions for health and illness. In the spirit of a city based on solidarity, we are committed to dismantling discriminatory barriers in the health care system and ensuring access to health care for all. To do … Continued

Demands by People of Sedanstr. Camp, Osnabrück

… We are refugees living in the camp of Sedanstraße and, in a self-organized initiative, have formulated our urgent demands. They are the result of outstanding problems affecting the quality of our lives and they derive from concrete pressures relating to our fate and future. The consequences of the EU agreement to refuse to open … Continued

E-Flat Project, Osnabrueck

The Concept of “E-Flat” Point of departure “E-flat” will refer to an emergency flat, a place where people in dire need can find shelter at a short notice. We don’t understand E-flat as a charity project, but rather envision an additional space of self-organization within and among migrant communities. The emergency flat to be established … Continued

New Website!

Hooray! This space ship has landed! New content will be added in quick succession. Solidarity City Initiatives can link their own homepage on the map marker and create an entry for their city.