Demands by People of Sedanstr. Camp, Osnabrück

We are refugees living in the camp of Sedanstraße and, in a self-organized initiative, have formulated our urgent demands. They are the result of outstanding problems affecting the quality of our lives and they derive from concrete pressures relating to our fate and future.

The consequences of the EU agreement to refuse to open an asylum file for us in Germany, and instead deport us to the first country of entry into the EU, has put a heavy load on so many of us refugees, living in a state of distress and fear of being arrested by the police. This situation of panic and insecurity causes psychological crisis and results in cases of chronic psychological depression among a large number of refugees. Many refugees have taken to alcohol and drug addiction as a final exit to escape their even darker and obstructed life perspective.

The situation is further worsened by the manner in which deportations are carried out. The police have violated the basic right to privacy in many cases after the doors to our individual rooms had been closed. They usually come at night so none of us can ever sleep quietly. They knock and if there is no answer they forcibly break into the respective room by bursting the door. At other times, in the morning refugees are asked to come to the office and police are waiting for them in the back room. Police are searching the bathrooms and they come during breakfast. Or we are told to fetch the mail and police are waiting. We have to spend our lives in a state of permanent fear and stress and insecurity.

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