Bremen: Proteste vor dem Abschiebegefängnis

On Thursday the 28.03 we protested in front of the deportation prison in
the Henri Dunant Straße for the fourth week in a row.
As rightfully highlighted in our last post the support from other groups
was more than appreciated. It was cooking and food prep groups the
technical team and other helping hands that made it possible to have an
atmosphere of togetherness up until almost midnight.
It was the outstanding six-hour set of DJ MWA that kept us warm or in
some moments hot. The work that she put in up until this day is
remarkable and everything but regular, at this point we want to give a
special thank you and shout out to you Macire, for being there and
staying mad. We see you and hear you.

Again we came for Momodou, Godstime. We stayed to call the Dublin
regulation out for what it is – Racist, inhumane and something that
should be abolished immediately!
Our speakers debunked the myth of the unfortunate single cases of black
bodies dying through the hands of the German police.
We see you and you’ll be held accountable for your actions!

As it was the night before Momodous deportation operated by Eurowings, a
daughter company of Lufthansa, we wanted to be there for him as long as
possible to give him the support he deserved and needed for whatever he
would face. He was in touch with us through phone calls and was touched
by the support he was getting.
Momodou we got you.

The next morning activists of Together we are Bremen / Shut down
Gottlieb Daimler Straße Camp Black Student Union – Bremen and Seebrücke
Bremen decided to take their protest and anger to the Hamburg Airport.
We spontaneously brought flyers and banners and made departing
travellers aware of the deportation that had at this moment already took
We were too loud and visible for them to look away. The response of the
Hamburg Airport Security was to physically attack and insult a black
female protestor.
Again no surprise. Neither was surprising that this very Security
employee was calm and friendly when she approached the white protestors
for negotiations.

At any point in our action, we put Momodous wishes and needs over
everything else. Momodou had no interest in staying six more weeks
imprisoned just to be accompanied by federal police. Our action took
place when we were assured that neither Momodou nor along travelling
supporters could face repressions. We thank everyone for that respected
Momodous wishes and showed airlines like eurowings that their profit off
deportations won’t be without consequences!

Meanwhile, Momodou was on his way to uncertainty. We did not know what
would happen the moment he would land in Milano and second imprisonment
in a so-called repatriation centre was possible. Two Supporters flew
with him to at least make the first steps less stressful and to find
structures that would keep him from homelessness. We thank you for your
work and the pressure you took upon you. We know you made this horrible
event bearable for Momodou, we are more than appreciative that.

The authorities at the airport Malpensa isolated him from other arrivals
for more than 8 hours. During his time in police custody Momodou did not
get any food nor did he get the chance to eat or drink during his flight
– We also criticize this inhumane treatment of the Italian police in
They eventually let him go, we are happy that Momodou has a place to
stay for this week. But this doesn’t mean it ends here. We need to
secure a place for Momodou for the upcoming week as well. We currently
have a place that we will not be able to keep as the costs are too high.
The fact that we have troubles finding a place for Momodou to sleep
underlines the precarious living conditions of predominantly African
refugees in Italy in general and Milano in particular.

We urge to contact your contacts in Milano and ask them for a place to
sleep, support in showing Momodou the city or if they have ideas. Please
refrain from just sending us numbers, we are already fully occupied with
contacting organisations and organising legal support.

As some of you know this fight lives by the support and mostly financial
support you choose to give. Donations for a place to stay,
transportation within Italy and other costs of living are more than welcome.

We also want to highlight that this is exactly what Together we are
Bremen / Shut down Gottlieb Daimler Straße Camp is currently fighting.
Momodous case is not a single case and many members
who currently fight for a safe way to stay in Bremen and permanent
papers risked repressions in order to make their demands visible and
support Momodou. We will continue to acknowledge and support this.

This all wouldn’t be possible without the Black Student Union – Bremen
and individual black females, for example, Yezenia who stayed in contact
with lawyers visited Momodou in the deportation prison and made sure
that his voice was heard not only during our Thursday protests but also
in the papers and on social media. Their analysis on anti-blackness and
Momodous imprisonment which was the basis of the taz article which was
attached to the email campaign. You are amazing.

In the last days, we witnessed our email campaign turned into 24hr
invisible nonsense. We witnessed people not crediting Together we are
Bremen, BSU or any person doing the work for several weeks. We criticise
this as it erases the work of Together we are Bremen and mostly women*
and especially black women*. It is not about profiling but about
acknowledging the work.

We will continue or fight not only for Godstime who is still in
deportation prison but also for Momodou who will not be forgotten in Italy.


There is a private bank account, which is currently used for donations.
This way the money can reach Momodou faster.
You can get this information via contacting us directly.

For donations with a receipt, please use:
Bankinstitute: GLS Bank
Solikonto: BreSoC (Bremen Solidarity Centre) e.V.
IBAN: DE92 4306 0967 2074 0487 00
Verwendungszweck: Spende GDS #FREEMOMODOU

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