We write to solicit for your assistance to help us remain in Germany. We are immigrants from various nations, camped in Ellwangen. We have being in this country for some months now, but our experiences to say the least, has being pathetic. From the poor feeding at the camp; constant German police harassment and threat of deportation to Italy has really make our condition an ugly one.

As law abiding immigrants, we have made several efforts to plead with
the authority to allow us stay. We have carried out peaceful protests to drum home our appeal but our cries seem to have fallen on deaf hears. Furthermore, we have also individually appealed against the notice for us to leave Germany but unfortunately, our appeals have all been denied by the court. As we speak right now, a lot of us have already been arrested and deported to Italy. We are really in a dilemma and our only hope to remain in this country is your help.

We know that some persons might wondered why we do not want to be
deported to Italy. Apart from the fact that we really love this country and would want to remain here. In Italy, there are no job opportunities for immigrants who have the desire to work and to add meaningful contributions to their host societies. A lot of the immigrants have restored to doing so many unwholesome things just to get by. While some are into drug peddling, begging, and cultism, majority of the girls have being lured into sex slavery and prostitution.

We are not a bunch of nuisances, lazy or irritants, we are educated or skilled in various trades. Therefore it is our desire to stay and work here in Germany so that we would be able to contribute our quota to the growth and development of this nation. We therefore appeal to all well-meaning advocacy groups, politicians, religious organizations and individuals to come to our aid. Please we do not want to be deported to Italy where we would not have the opportunities to stay and work as it is obtained here in Germany. Help us with any legitimate means possible.
The condition in Italy is not what will want, thus we do not want to be sent back there but to remain in Germany.

God bless this beautiful nation and her people

from Isaiah Ehrauyi a Refuge in Ellwangen